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Comment activer simplement TEAMS Exploratory pour Microsoft 365 ?

Pour référence :

Gérer l’expérience exploratoire de Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Si vous disposez d’un abonnement Microsoft 365 (en mode organisation), alors il vous suffit de créer un compte sans licence ou d’utiliser un tel compte s’il existe déjà, puis de vous connecter à à l’aide de ce compte sans licence.

You Can Now Use Apps with Microsoft Teams MobileMicrosoft provisionnera automatiquement une version d’évaluation de TEAMS Exploratory pour 100 utilisateurs, valide pour 1 an. Ces licences contiennent :

  • Exchange Online (plan 1)

  • Flux pour Microsoft 365 ou Office 365

  • Informations obtenues par MyAnalytics

  • Microsoft Forms (plan E1)

  • Microsoft Planner

  • Recherche Microsoft

  • Microsoft StaffHub

  • Microsoft Stream pour Microsoft 365 et Office 365 E1 SKU 1</1>

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Gestion des appareils mobiles pour Microsoft 365 ou Office 365

  • Applications Office Mobile pour Office 365

  • Office Online

  • Power Apps pour Microsoft 365 ou Office 365

  • SharePoint Online (plan 1)

  • Sway

  • Tâches (plan 1)

  • Tableau blanc (plan 1)

  • Yammer Enterprise

Si cela ne fonctionne pas, c’est que vous ne remplissez pas les critères d’éligibilité…

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Windows 11: Core isolation mais pilote non conforme ?

Microsoft a récemment amélioré la sécurité de Windows en permettant au système d’exploitation de s’isoler en protégeant son noyau des programme s’éxécutant en mode noyau. Cela concerne généralement certains pilotes (drivers). Pour plus d’information sur cette fonction :

Interface Windows Defender pour le paramètre de protection du noyau.

Cette fonction étant activée par défaut depuis peu, les utilisateurs remarquent l’indicateur d’état de sécurité (le bouclier Defender dans la zone de notification) qui passe en mode alerte. L’activation manuelle de l’isolation du noyau liste alors des pilotes (drivers) qui interdisent le basculement en mode protégé ! Windows ne sait pas (pour le moment) neutraliser ces drivers et il est difficile pour l’utilisateur de résoudre cette situation, malgré les pages d’aide de Microsoft.

La résolution de cet incident m’a amené à découvrir l’excellent outil AUTORUNS de SysInternals Il ne permet cependant pas de résoudre simplement l’incident sans connaissance avancée du système.

En lieu et place voici une méthode simple qui permet de se débarrasser de ces drivers non conformes.


Un driver ou pilote est un composant qui permet le fonctionnement d’un périphérique ou appareil. Avant sa désactivation, vérifier qu’il correspond bien à un appareil identifiable. Par exemple, une webcam, un lecteur externe, etc. S’il s’agit du drivers de votre carte écran, vous risquez de ne plus rien afficher ! Il faut donc soit accepter de se débarrasser du périphérique concerné, soit trouver un drivers récent certifié et conforme, soit prévoir de remplacer l’appareil par une version récente et supportée par Microsoft.

Comment procéder

  • Ouvrir la liste des pilotes incriminés qui est proposée après la tentative d’activation de l’option Core Isolation. Un message s’affiche proposant de lister les non conformes.
  • Pour chaque drivers, il est possible de déplier des compléments d’information. L’information à noter est le fichier « oemxxx.inf » qui référence le pilote (NxDRV.sys par exemple).
  • Ouvrir une boite de commande (Shell, PowerShell ou Terminal) en mode administrateur. Pour cela, il suffit de faire clic droit sur le bouton Windows et un menu propose entre autres, le lancement d’une interface de commande en mode administrateur.
  • Saisissez la commande
    PNPUTIL /delete-driver oemXXX.inf /uninstall
    Où oemXXX.inf est le fichier référencé à l’étape 2.
  • Cette commande désinstalle et supprime le fichier pilote.
  • Une fois TOUS les pilotes supprimés, vous devez redémarrer Windows

Après redémarrage vous pourrez vérifier que Defender active cette fois correctement la protection du noyau (Core Isolation).

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Tropicalization Services

Tropicalization, a historical know-how with us from the conventional machine tool to the most singular equipment.

TC all-climate treatment service

This is the standard treatment suitable for: corrosive environments with oil and solvent splashes, climates at all latitudes with relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature of -80 to 140°C, without large variations in these which can cause strong condensation or even water run-off.

This makes the treatment suitable for tropical and equatorial areas if the equipment is placed in adequately ventilated industrial premises. The insulating materials are selected for their high electrical, dielectric and mechanical performance. The material enclosures receive a phosphate protective coating or a galvanic treatment.

Example: A product exposed outdoors in France will be treated with TH, whereas a product in a ventilated and air-conditioned room in Senegal will be treated with TC, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Publication on examples of our contribution in this field of tropicalization


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Reverse engineering, our DNA (repair, improvement, renovation)

ValorConseilCalvados® offers repair/renovation of Drone Things, Future vision of Smart Drones (IoDT)…

Support for most brands of drones, Intel-DR®, Parrot®, AR-Drone®, DJI Phantom 2 3 4®, DJI combo S900 S1000®, DJI Inspire 1 2®, DJI MATRICE® M600® M200® M210®, GoPro® Karma®, YUNEEC®, MAVIC® and many more. We  have all spare parts at cost via our Taiwanese agency, to have the possibility to produce on demand any need, allowing us to offer you the optimum solution.


Drone repair can be handled directly in Caen. You have a doubt… Is the repair of your drone really interesting? Do not hesitate any longer, send us a request for a quote, giving as much information as possible about the breakdown and the model, we will answer you in all transparency, making suggestions adapted to your situation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In the case of a crash linked to a hardware malfunction, after analysis of the logs, we will contact the manufacturer in order to allow us to make the repair free of charge under the cover of our various manufacturer certifications/accreditations (Intel®, DJI®, Flir®, GoPro®, Hubsan®, JJRC®, Parrot®, PowerVision®, SwellPro®, Yuneec®, Zerotech®, iBubble®, Autel® Robotics®, etc.) with the aim of passing your drone under warranty (if this still extends to your product).) with the aim of getting your drone under warranty (if the warranty still applies to your product) so that our technical team is your reference and your sole interlocutor during the entire treatment phase.

In the event of a crash due to pilot error, our repair service will take charge of your drone in our workshop, allowing a quick intervention, whatever the part to be changed, don‘t hesitate to contact us.

ValorConseilCalvados® offers repair/renovation of  Robotic Things, Future vision of Smart Robotic (IoRT)…

First use of the word robot in 1921. ValorConseilCalvados® in white label exists since 1954, our first customer in industrial robot installations, in the field of logistics and chemicals, in 1962 was La Chocolaterie-Meunier®, Moulinex®, as well as in the medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors… Our experience of more than half a century is available to you if you wish to have more projection in the approach of your robotics, with solutions capable of adapting to your company reality, don‘t hesitate to contact us.

ValorConseilCalvados® Microsoft® Group Partner, part of the TSMC® (Taiwan Semiconductor) Research Center, the Automation and Robotics Group of the Manufacturing Technology Center conducts AI research and development in the area of human-machine interaction, applied to human-robot collaborative tasks in manufacturing and autonomous mobile systems.

Here is a relevant example, for these two areas, it is required to be able to control the applied forces including feedback to the user as well as control the dynamics of the system for stability/performance purposes. ValorConseilCalvados®, owner of several patents, concerning our latest filings in the field of minimization of vibrations and repeated stops, in the field of proximity of possible obstacles using harmonic reduction serving using the force field for the elimination of the elasticity effect.

Our expertise in the engineering of embedded equipment, such as robotics (IoRT), helps dozens of leading companies and hardware developers to offer new and unique solutions in the industry. If your robot needs to be repaired or upgraded, please send us a request for a quotation with as much information as possible about the problem and the model of the device. We will answer you in all transparency, making suggestions adapted to your situation. As part of our close collaboration with Microsoft®, we have in our team several former engineers of the leaders of the robotics market (IoRT), (Microsoft®, BASF-Robotics®, Canon-Robotics®, BostonDynamics®, ANYbotics® , ExRobotics®, Mitsubishi®, Hitachi-robotics®, UnitreeRobotics®, …). ValorConseilCalvados® offers a wide range of standard and customized maintenance contracts. Our customer service will gladly discuss your application specifications with you to determine a maintenance program that is perfectly adapted to your needs, so please do not don’t hesitate to contact us.

Example of singularity,    
if you notice any of the following, it may be a sign that  camera are not more self-calibrating :

-The robot limps or stumbles more than usual.
-The robot runs into obstacles that it has successfully avoided in the past.
-The robot has more difficulty on the stairs than usual.

Equipped with original manufacturer’s test benches and the skills of manufacturer-trained technicians with knowledge of your products’ every detail, the repair center is your one-stop shop for all repair, standard exchange and upgrade needs. Latest updates, original motors and CNCs, comprehensive functionality tests and CE approved safety tests are part of our expertise.

Our run on the electronic recalibration test bench is used to improve the mobility of the robot with joint and vision calibration. This FPGA recalibration can solve robot gait problems that cannot be solved by traditional self-testing, such as tripping on stairs or limping, by evaluating the current parameters and recalibrating on the FPGAs.

Dropping the robot and ordinary use over time can cause the robot’s on-board cameras to lose calibration. If the robot starts to run into obstacles that it had previously avoided, you can use the self-test to assess and resolve the camera calibration issues to restore perception accuracy, but if this does not solve your problem we will reprogram the vision FPGA for optimum calibration. After repair :


-Calibration of joints and camera verification.
-The joint calibration and camera verification mode tests and recalibrates the whole system.
-Load cell sensor for hip and knee joints.
-Joint position sensor for the hip and knee.
Basic verification of all on-board cameras.
-The calculation of new calibrated intrinsic and extrinsic.


Here is an example of integration,  Boston- based equipment Dynamics Robot Spot®, one of our first realizations was a nacelle equipped with a multi-shot launcher of rubber bushes (Flash-ball) with thermal camera and THD camera, 200x zoom, rangefinder and laser tracking (AIFM) for professional use, deterrent, very effective by firing universal caliber rubber cartridges. Sighting, accurate up to 175 meters with a tank of 24 rubber cartridges. Energy 476 joules, kinetic energy: 9.32 joules/cm2, speed: 658 km/h, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Advising Services 

ValorConseilCalvados® assists you in your Safety/Security, Intellectual property, Regulations, compliance process for autonomous mobile systems

Don’t hesitate to contact us (

The operation of unmanned aircraft is covered by Implementing Regulation (EU) 947 on rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft. This regulation describes in particular the requirements associated with this operation around the following themes:

  • Operating procedures
  • aircraft eligible for open category operation,
  • Requirements related to the pilot’s training
  • Requirements related to the pilot’s qualifications,
  • Responsibilities of the operator and the pilot.

The requirements for aircraft operating in the open category are also described in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 945 on unmanned aircraft systems and third-country operators of unmanned aircraft systems. In particular, it defines the classes C0 to C4 of UAVs that may be operated in the open category. These classes are dependent on the maximum permissible mass of the aircraft, among other things (but not exclusively). In simplified terms, the requirements are all the more It is important that the drone is heavy or operated close to the living.


Here is an example of our expertise, (Design, Operation, Intellectual property, Regulations, Safety) the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC ) authorizes La Poste Group to implement and develop the project for the design and production of drones. With our technology-qualified solutions, we offer a tailor-made drone, quickly functional for optimum use.